"I emailed Asa in seeing EG’s latest FB post and this was his response:
Ah! Thanks! (The new album)It’s gonna be good. Hope you’re well. Sending love, asa"
"Sorry. Sorry we’re awful at posting things consistently/at all. Our manager and everyone in our lives give us shit for it. We DO read the messages you guys send us and try to respond so thank you for holding on while this second record gets finished….love love love."

Puccio Roelens & Adjani Isabelle

Wavves in Squarespace commercial

"Update from Asa & EG:
Yes, we’re good. Just working on the second album and trying to get together a new website, one that feels like us, not just things that the record label puts up. we love you too and will be posting soon hopefully. e.g."
" "
"Hi guys. Asa reached out to me again. EG is still working hard on their album and wanted to clear up that the new pix they posted on FB are not any of the new album’s artwork."