And this is what music and the arts are when they’re at their best: being honest and vulnerable. They have zero to do with being young, cool, being sexy or making us in any way feel left out. So many times we watch a new music video or see a photographer’s blog and the sentiment we walk away with a anxiety because our lives or bodies don’t look anything like what we’re seeing. This is a clip from a documentary called “Heartworn Highway”.
Watch it through the end if you can…

"Happy Easter!!!!!!"
"I emailed Asa and told him about the blog. This was his reply:
Yes and we love it. We’re so awful with technology that at some point during the next album cycle maybe we will link our facebook with your tumblr because you guys are so much better about keeping up on our lives. thanks so much, e.g."

My sister has a birthday coming up so I asked Matt and Asa and this was the reply:

Tell your sister happy birthday from us. We love you guys and hope you’re doing great. Album is going well (we think but have no idea). Love, Asa and e.g.


So, someone just sent this to us and reminded us that we never posted it. It’s old at this point but here it is. Matthew’s drum machine wouldn’t turn on about 1 minute before we went on and Conan makes Asa look like Danny Devito.


If life is hard right now, no matter what the situation is, try to be gentle with yourself & know that you have the strength to get through whatever it is. We’re all walking through this life together, even if we don’t share our problems with one another. Here is a poem to remind you that nature is always welcoming you back.

In these latter-day,
Degenerate times,
Cherry-blossoms everywhere!
-Kobayashi Issa


When your full name is two first names you cannot go wrong. Jan Terri makes powerful music. Is this worth posting? Idk.